Land Rover Adventure Association of Ontario

We are a group of Ontarians who

love the Land Rover. We can relate to its rugged versatility, its functional body shape, its awesome off road capabilities. Land Rover love truly begins… when the road ends!

Although we love Land Rovers of all types our members enjoy other vehicles, too. One can spot a small fleet of Iltis’s on our trail days, and indeed possibly any other form of 4X4 off-road-capable machine.

OUR LAND ROVER CLUB WAS FOUNDED IN 2000, by a group of Land Rover owners, and has been meeting monthly ever since on the last Tuesday of every month. in Toronto.   

           We are a group that enjoys day-trip and weekend off-road trail riding in Southern Ontario, and a number of us enjoy longer more distant and exotic expeditions to Canada’s Far North, the Great American Desert (including Moab), The Rocky Mountains, the Atlantic Provinces, the Eastern U.S. Seaboard, etc, etc.

We need to fix our trucks from time-to-time, and club membership can come in very handy when looking for repair advice or assistance, or when looking for that hard to find part. Indeed, some of our folks are quite mechanically oriented.

We liaise and participate with other Land Rover owners and clubs in North America, even in far off England, sharing ideas and often good stories.

  Our monthly meeting and social is held at,The Keating Channel Pub & Grill

2 Villiers St, in Toronto's Portlands, on the last Tuesday of every month, except December, at 7:15 PM.

Whether or not you are currently owned by a Land Rover.

Visitors are always welcomed.

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Sundog 2018

full story of club member, Phil's, Andreas's and Oliver's trip on the winter road in Northern Manitoba. Bringing Dog food.


clips from some of our club adventures.

Land Rover Adventure Association of Ontario