The Land Rover Adventure Association of Ontario was started by several keen Land Rover owners in the Toronto area, with the shared enthusiasm of off-roading and adventure traveling. Various off-road outings are scheduled during the year. And newcomers are welcome. Become a member, Just attend one of meetngs or socials.


Understanding that the frequent changes announced by the Ontario government has been a challenge over the past few weeks, but with respect to OVLR and trail runs, Ontario Regulation 263/20, Schedule 1, paragraphs 2 and 24 are the most relevant to our club activities.

Paragraph 1 indicates that the regional health units responsbile for the areas in which we play are in stage 2.

Paragraph 24, which applies to tour and guide services (specifically including trail riding tours and motor vehicle tours), subparagraph 2 specifies the number of people on the tour, including guides, cannot exceed 10 people.

As of today, these regulations have a revocation date of July 10th, however the declaration of emergency has been extended until July 15th, so we may still see those revocation dates extended.

You should already be aware that the club exexutive has either postponed or cancelled all scheduled club events thus far in 2020.  

As such we have decided to look past the summer months with hopes that COVID 19 issues will be better in the fall.  

We are partnering with the Land Rover Adventure Association (LRAA) to host a joint event and help celebrate their 20th anniversary. 

Land Rover Adventure Association of Ontario